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tacheles ag for the occupy berlin

30. März 2012 in Protokolle

Here is my personal report of the 27th meeting with the tacheles people – i left the meeting after being kind of educated as for the banners put up by the occupy movement, to which i said that “i have no, and could never have any, respect toward anyone who can fight against anti-war activists, and so with full respect i am now leaving the room”. That was after i was told that if a room for the triangle (tacheles,kw,Monbijou-Park ) project of occupy movement would be given, than it would only be RENTED and would not be available anytime soon, but i could give my contact so that they would call when ever they NEED it. This is not making an organic option for the occupy movement, as the occupy activists are not soldiers of any one and each activist makes her/his own decisions individually, therefor we must be developed organically, leraning each other and finding new ways to be one with the other and so i said that what we need is only in a form of a mutual organic development, and for that we asked A room.


Note: as i come from israel and in response to the recent protests of israeli and iranian citizens against their governments, i strongly believe that NOW is the time speak up clearly against that or any war.