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Stop Deportation – Finish Dublin II !

11. Dezember 2012 in Blog - alle Themen

“I don’t tell my story to receive compassion but because it’s the truth.
No doubt about that I’ll still continue to fight.”


Seif Ibrahim had built his life in Libya. As the uprising came he was kept in Bir el Ghanam by the Libyan governmental troops and like many Sudanese, was forced to enroll to fight the rebels. After he denied he was tortured for 22 days. During that time all the inmates were threatened by the soldiers to be raped. He was every day repeatedly drowned in water and beaten on every part of his body. The consequences of this torture continue to affect Seif today. He has broken teeth and often collapses and looses consciousness. On June 22, 2012 he succeeded to take a boat to Lampedusa, Italy. “This was not the end for my problems but the new beginning of them”. Through the Refugee Camp of Manduria (Taranto) Seif was transferred to an improvised camp for refugees managed as a family business in Ceccano (Frosinone). There he spent months only sleeping and eating, not being allowed to go out, to learn language or to receive medical care. Accusing heavily the physical problems coming from the torture he had suffered, Seif protested by starting a hunger strike. After three days he was taken the first time to a hospital. There he was provided with no interpreter. The only translations were made occasionally by a nurse from Maghreb. Exasperated by the impossibility of receiving proper treatment for his sufferings, Seif started a protest which ended him two weeks in psychiatrical confinement, without any kind of other therapy other than tranquilizers. The end of Seif’s experience in Italy came about when the person in charge of the home said to him: “you are expelled”. She then gave him a ticket to Milan telling him to leave the country. He arrived one day at the end of October to Berlin Oranienplatz Refugee Protest Camp. Weiterlesen →