Refugee’s Revolution!!!!

Wann: 23 Mrz 2013 14:00 - 22:00

Wo: Oranienstr. Ecke Marieannenstr. Flüchlingscamp Oranienstr. Ecke Mariannenstr. Flüchlingscamp Berlin
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1. Stop Deportation!
Deportation kills! All refugees are political refugees and have the right for asylum. Limiting the freedom of movement is against human rights. We demand the immediate stop of all deportations!

2. Abolish Residenzpflicht!
We don‘t accept the Residenzpflicht law as well as the European Dublin-System which restrict the freedom of movement of human beings. We break this law with our protest on the streets, and we keep on breaking it!

3. Close all Refugee Lagers!
We do not accept being imprisoned in Lagers under inhuman conditions! We do have the right to get asylum and be protected by Human Rights instead being treated like criminals!

We are not victims, we are fighters! Break the silence, break isolation and become a refugee fighter for equal rights, dignity and freedom of movement for everyone!

Let us mobilize in many ways and hold our refugee banners for the refugees‘ revolution! Everyone is invited to stay at least for the whole weekend (22th-24th) in our tents at Oranienplatz!

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Förderverein Karawane e.V.
Kontonr.: 40 30 780 800
BLZ:430 609 67
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