News From Greece: Junta Is Not Over Yet

16. November 2013 in Blog - alle Themen

Government out of control – police issues a strict warning to the authorities of the Athens Polytechnic School regarding the presence of ERT workers in the building In a highly symbolic move –due to the upcoming 3-day celebration of the 1973 anti-Junta uprising anniversary– the government continues to impose measures reminiscent of a totalitarian regime. The Athens Polytechnic School authorities received a strict warning by the Police that they will blockade and invade the Polytechnic School premises if the authorities allow the ERT workers to broadcast from inside the building. The Dean of the Polytechnic stated that he can no longer bear the responsibility of such an action and backed off. According to verified information, a daily national is ready to go to print with the title “Polytechnic School: Out of control” splashed all over the front page. Last night the security guards of the Polytechnic had a “friendly visit” by police officers in civilian clothes who told them that they had information about trucks unloading equipment inside the building. Of course, they were blatantly lying in an attempt to intimidate the academic personnel and cause panic. After the Police invaded ERT Headquarters, from where the ERT workers were broadcasting for 5 months straight, it is clear that the government – apart from the attack it has unleashed on labor rights – attempts to strangle and control any attempt of information that does not comply with its attack on society.


* ERT: The Public Broadcaster in Greece
* Athens Polytechnic School: The center of the 1973 anti-Junta uprising
* The 1973 Uprising: It started as a student uprising against the dictatorship in Greece (1967-1974) and ended as a people’s uprising that led to the fall of the dictatorship. The uprising lasted for about a week and ended with the bloody invasion of the Polytechnic School building by the army on the 17th of November 1973, hence its great symbolic significance.


*ESIEA: stands for the Association of Reporters of Daily Athenian Newspapers
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