Call for demonstration: #StopWatchingUs – Against surveillance and for the restoration of our fundamental rights! On 31.08.2013 in Berlin!

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We are coming together to demonstrate against surveillance by governments and intelligence agencies and for the restoration of our fundamental rights!

The demonstration in Berlin on Saturday, August 31, 2013 will start at 2 p.m. at Hermannplatz in Berlin-Neukölln and proceed to the Brandenburg Gate, where the closing rally will be held at 6 p.m.

Each individual must ask the question posed by Edward Snowden: Do I want to live in a society in which an out-of-control surveillance state violates my privacy on a daily basis, recording all my thoughts and movements in the digital realm? Do I want to be a citizen or a subject?

We say: Stop PRISM! Stop TEMPORA! Stop XKEYSCORE! Stop Horizont 2020! Stop the Utah Data Center! Confidential communication, whether professional or private, is a fundamental right! A fundamental right that is violated on a daily basis by the systematic surveillance and recording of our telecommunications. As we did on July 27, 2013, we will be coming together on the streets on August 31, 2013 to demand our rights!

On this day protests will be held around the world – and in cities throughout Germany we are calling on people to come together and say: Stop Watching Us!

There are no organizations behind #StopWatchingUs, simply people who are tired of watching their fundamental rights be trampled! We call on everyone to join us! We do not tolerate any inhuman ideologies or calls to violence; we are peaceful by conviction.

#StopWatchingUs is primarily a platform on which we use principles of direct democracy to discuss the question: how do we want to shape the society in which we live?

We do not want to live in a society in which it is impossible for doctors to communicate confidentially with their patients, lawyers with their clients, journalists with their sources, pastors with people in need of counsel or priests with penitents. And our private correspondence concerns no one who is not intended as our addressee. And we do not want to live in a world in which corporate espionage is regarded as a normal occurrence.

We do not want our children to live in a world in which their youthful love letters are collected in a central database, we do not want to live in a world in which politicians and other decision-makers are susceptible to blackmail because information taken from their correspondence can be used against them the moment they refuse to play the filthy game of corruption.

Our protests will increase in number and urgency until the surveillance of our communication is stopped without compromise. On September 7, 2013 we will come together once more in Berlin for the large-scale “Freiheit statt Angst” (Freedom Not Fear) protest, which is also supported by a broad social coalition.

At the same time, lawsuits are in preparation against all those persons responsible for the continuation of the surveillance programs.

We also demand a broad social debate about the roots of this surveillance. Why do governments and intelligence agencies want to know everything about us, recording our movements and thoughts? How can civil society monitor and control state institutions if these very institutions are constantly and sweepingly monitoring civil society? How can information activists and investigative journalists work freely if every step they take is followed and recorded? The fate of Michael Hastings, a former “RollingStone” journalist, should give pause to all of us.

Members of political parties are also invited to take part in the demonstration, but we ask that they bring creative and expressive banners rather than party emblems.

Information on demonstrations in other German cities can be found at and at

“In the end the Obama administration is not afraid of whistleblowers like me, Bradley Manning or Thomas Drake. We are stateless, imprisoned, or powerless. No, the Obama administration is afraid of you. It is afraid of an informed, angry public demanding the constitutional government it was promised — and it should be.”

Edward Snowden

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Demoaufruf: #StopWatchingUs – Gegen Überwachung und für die Wiederherstellung unserer Grundrechte! Am 31.08.2013 in Berlin

2 Antwort auf Call for demonstration: #StopWatchingUs – Against surveillance and for the restoration of our fundamental rights! On 31.08.2013 in Berlin!

  1. I don’t understand, why the organizers don’t make a demonstration to the BND…
    Ich verstehe nicht, warum die Organisator*innen nicht vor das BND-Gebäude ziehen..

    • Alinka, das ist eine gute Idee…darauf ist schlicht keiner gekommen.
      Wir werden sehen ob wir das mit einbauen können.
      Wo wäre denn das Objekt…Chausseestraße?
      Vielleicht könntest Du eine Demo organisieren die sich mit uns trifft?
      Wir kommen ja praktisch von der anderen Seite….das jetzt alles umzulegen stelle ich mir schwierig vor in der kuzen Zeit.

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