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Bildungsstreik in Valencia

25. Februar 2012 in Blog - alle Themen

während hier an den Universitäten die Studierenden brav ihre Studienscheine machen und in den Semesterferien den Geldscheinen hinterher hecheln, entsteht gerade in Valencia eine Bewegung gegen Kürzungen im Bildungsbereich, den Schulen. Aber natürlich will die Bevölkerung die Sparmaßnahmen nicht hinnehmen. Um Euch zu Informieren, kommt bitte alle um 15.30 Uhr in den Lustgarten. Hier der Aufruf dazu:

Dear people,

I announce that the pacific demonstration supporting the protests and
resistance in Valencia against the educational impoverishment ’cause the
reductions, against the fascist brutality of the Police and against the
violation of civil rights and freedom of speech, will take place on
*26th SUNDAY *
*in LUSTGARTEN, Berlin *
*At 15,30 h, until 17,30H.*
*Is registered/angemeldet.*

-why IL and not spontaneous?
I talked with Diana (lawyer) and she recommend me register it to avoid
problems, because the situation in Valencia is being happening since 6 days
ago -after the big Demo las sunday-, so we cant put forward that we are
making a spontaneous- reaction action cause is not believeble that we didnt
know the facts since days ago, in the age of comunication.
Sebastian is registering it right now.
Is registered like ‘demo supporting the protest against cuts in Education’.
Anyway, for the future, we have the possibility to call the laywer of our
movement, Daniel, in a case of being arrested or a difficult situation.

-why Lustgarten?
Spanish Embassy is totally desert and probably will call the police
quickly. I know some people in the Embassy and take a lot of care of their
image (and not in our orientation…)
Lustgarten is was were started the Assemblies after the 15-M in Berlin and
is good place if start to rain a lot (z,B..)

The protests in Valencia are taking place incessantly during the whole day,
every day, since Monday and will be stronger and massive during the next
weekend, with demonstrations, assemblies, talks, meetings, human chains
etc. If someone is lost with the hapennings, I can explain and link videos
and reports.
I just want to say that this is focused in Valencia, but is not only for
Valencia: Im thinking in a collective way and the fight for defending our
rights is GLOBAL.
Spread it and join us!

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