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99occupy – Decentralized, global and “comcomized” (equally owned by its users) platforms for the 99%

7. Februar 2012 in Blog - alle Themen this is what i am doing now, i do this because the “owners of don’t want to comcomize it, so i now go on the global. who ever is into it will find me with them. I need your help in making it happened


2 Antwort auf 99occupy – Decentralized, global and “comcomized” (equally owned by its users) platforms for the 99%

  1. mm sagte am 7. Februar 2012

    Erez, please stay calm … the “owners” of Alex11 who you mean, are the people, that built up that blog, that make technical administration and moderation, not more, This blog is owned by everyone who likes to participate here. URL, Server e.c. ist shared by different admins, they trust each other and no one can decide something on its own. And everyone is invited to join us.
    We didn’t want to comcomize it, because this would force us to found a company, a club, or as you suggested a LTD in Great Britain. This is what we did not want! Because your ComCom-idea is great, but not developped through to the end.
    But best luck for your worldwide Megablog for all the 99%!

  2. Thanks for your opinion that the “ComCom-idea is great, but not developed through to the end.” i am trying and did try with the owners of to make exactly this: developing it through to the end! But the result as you know was – yes but not in our school. (read the 4 reasons as for why not to it in from )

    And so, i will continue with those who like it, and if as you said here you are included , i would be very happy for any support, and especially on for making it happened, i.e. for developing it through to the end! More ever , we could buy new domain name let’s say and do on that all which is required for establishing it as a comcomised site.

    i am calmed and happy, thanks, but the issue is so hot and it must be developed through to the end as soon as we could make it.

    club, ltd in london or individuals agreeing to it by a click – all options are on the table, but at list one must be tried. This issue must be talked not only between the owners of but among all the users of and until we all would agree for the way we do it, but all that talking and choice being taken are only one step – not the direction, where the direction is very simple:
    That way or another, is to be comcomized and if not would you participate in a comcomized

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