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31. Januar 2012 in Blog - alle Themen

Dear Occupy Berlin,
In February last year, the house project Liebig 14 was evicted in a
massive police action. 25 people lost a home, and Berlin lost yet another
space for alternative culture and emancipatory political and community
organizing. A resistant territory was torn apart and a building was
recaptured into full economic exploitation.

Gentrification is rampaging this city, leaving a trail of brutal
evictions. The city government, in giving private developers and investors
unrestricted power as they hunt for profit, follow the same mistaken logic
that gave bankers so much control over flows of finance.

Capitalism is in crisis. The undeniable faults of the neoliberal logic, do
not however go away when those who are made to suffer the most are pushed
out of the inner city. Nor do evictions mean that voices of dissent
disappear, we just get angrier and better organized.

02.02.2012: Mahnwache! Year anniversary of the eviction of Liebig 14. With
concerts, performances, discussions and warm food all day. Outside Liebig
14 and in XB-Liebig and the Jugend[widerstands]museum Galiläakirche, from
10:00 till late.

04.02.2012: Zombie Parade! “Liebig 14: The Return of the Living Dead”,
15:00, Bersarinplatz.

Maybe you occupiers feel like spreading the call out, available here in
German and English: http://liebig14.blogsport.de/

Facebook event:

In solidarity, against evictions, for occupations, for the emancipatory
collective city.

–Liebig 14

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